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You will need a registered roadworthy motorbike in all areas (except trials). We encourage responsible riding: make sure you have a licence, your bike is registered and not overly loud, obey all signs, and don't annoy bushwalkers in shared areas or residents near state forests. If the signs say "motorbikes prohibited" please stay out! You must read the disclaimer here before using any of this information.

adventure rides in Southeast queensland & northern nsw, australia

Plenty of world class adventure rides whether one day, three days or a week long. check out this thread for a details on some of our favourite rides plus links to the GPS files and videos.

trials riding in Southeast queensland, australia

Unfortunately trials bikes can't be taken into the state forests as we don't have recreational registration available. Rides can only occur on private property so an increasing number in our group are becoming members of the Western Districts Trials Club. They are affiliated with other clubs so basically you can ride almost every weekend. These properties are usually north, west or south of Brisbane and involve about 60 to 90 mins driving.

dirt rides & cross training in Southeast, queensland, australia

So what about dirt rides? Areas for dirt rides and trail rides, or simply stick to the main dirt roads and link them together for an adventure ride. Ensure these areas are still open before you head out by visiting the DERM site. Switch from "satellite" to "map" view in the maps below to see the boundaries of the forests.

Cross training rides apply trials techniques to dirt riding so aim for more technical gnarly terrain as a rule - so Glasshouse Mountains is the best area for cross training rides and techniques.

Mt Mee State Forest. 50 mins from Brisbane. Incredible variety, plenty of hills, shared area with bushwalkers, 4WDers and daytrippers in picnic areas so quiet bikes please! See vid here.

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Glasshouse Mountains. 60 mins from Brisbane. Huge area, much of it flat but some hills, good variety, can link with Mt Mee and Bellthorpe. See ride video here.

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Bellthorpe State Forest. 90 mins from Brisbane, but can go via Mt Mee on an adventure and keep riding to Kilcoy, Conondale etc. See the ride video here.

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Jimna, Yabba & Imbil State Forests. Two hours from Brisbane, but can go via Mt Mee and Bellthorpe. Huge area of interlocking state forests with plenty of variety. Ride vid here.

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Rainbow beach. Two hours from Brisbane, ride the beach from Noosa to near Fraser Island, inland trails through national park but all sand so fairly tricky but lots of fun. Ride vid here.

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And here are some of the dirt ride videos worth checking out.

Snail Trails beginners ride: Glasshouse Mountains
Bellthorpe State Forest
Gnarly ride in Glasshouse Mountains
Beach ride: Tewantin to Rainbow Beach loop
Imbil State Forest dirt ride
Mt Mee State Forest dirt ride

Murphys Creek: a Toowoomba-based dirt riding club with private land
Queensland Moto Park: a Government-backed private riding area




On the left are the main areas. If you ever get bored with those, then take a look at Moreton Island, Fraser Island, and a pile of state forests further out like Yarraman, Mapleton, Bernarkin etc. check out the state forests website for other areas, permit requirements or possible closures.


Southeast Queenland and northern NSW have some amazing scenery and dirt roads. Check out our GPS page for longer adventure rides..